Pick TN Conference – February 17-19, 2022

The Pick TN Conference will be held in 2022 at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin, TN, 20 minutes south of Nashville. Early Bird Registration will begin in November 2021 and is $125 for three days of learning. Registration includes tickets to Friday continental breakfast, Friday lunch, Friday wine tasting, access to over 75 classes and  a trade show. Accommodations will be available at the Cool Spring Marriott in Franklin, TN

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Pest Management for Organic Vegetable Production w/ David Cook
Friday, 9:15-10:15 am

Integrated Pest Management (IPM), as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is “The coordinated use of pest and environmental information with available pest control methods to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.” Organic pest management involves this same principle, but takes it a little bit further. This presentations will present organic methods for monitoring and managing insect pests in greenhouses, high tunnels, orchards and farms. Topics will include providing habitat for beneficial organisms, maintaining a health living soil, best nectar and pollen plants for beneficials and native bee pollinators, and organic insecticides and other tools.

Less Mowing, More Growing w/ Jeremy Lekich
Friday, 9:15-10:15

How can growing food become integrated into our everyday landscapes while also becoming a low-maintenance and fun part of our lives? Foodscaping blends growing food with artistic design allowing food plants to escape from the limitations of a garden or farm and fully integrate into a landscape design. Foodscaping follows patterns found in healthy, resilient ecosystems to guide ecologically sound and regenerative food growing systems. In this program, we will discuss foodscaping patterns and principles, as well as the best useful plants for our climate.

Herbs Worth Knowing and Growing w/ Cindy Shapton
Friday, February 17, 10:30-11:30

Trying to find the right balance for sustainable farming and living can be challenging to say the least. Herbs are multi-faceted plants that can help to achieve that balance. From companion planting to help alleviate pest problems to calling in pollinators to building up soil to making plant remedies, herbs are worth knowing and growing on your farm or in your kitchen garden. Join Cindy as she digs into the benefits of herbs to get you on your way to a more sustainable and healthier farm and garden.

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